If you don’t know what a plushie is, it’s basically a soft toy. Talk Chalk plushies? They’re gonna be big, colorful and huggable. I’m gonna make one of each chalk, and give them away to fans who prove their worth. You don’t have to do much, just tell me why you want the particular chalk, and don’t just say “because I love the color purple”, I won’t give you Purple, I’ll just call you a fag 😛

I’m thinking either velvet or felt, whatever material I can find that would look & feel “chalky”, and yet be snuggleable. Maybe as tall as a mega bottle of coke? Wider though, and yeah… as long as it can’t be used for anything besides hugging, my conscience will be at ease 😛

Also, any ideas on what I should stuff it with? I’m thinking polyester wadding, styrofoam balls were suggested, as well as cotton, but cotton has a tendency to get hard… so yeah, maybe not 😀

So tell me, which one do you want?


“duh…. I don’t get it”

Not all the strips are obvious to everyone, some have little inside jokes not everyone gets, some have double-meanings, some just don’t explain everything to you on purpose. For example, the most recent strip “Black Out”:

First thing you need to notice here, is that the speech bubbles are moving. I could have drawn Black’s eyes, or even just footprints, but the eyes didn’t look good, and the footprints made it too obvious. The purpose of keeping it this way is so that, by the third slide, you’re surprised as well by the *thud*.

Simply put, Black is blind now and walked into a wall. Simple as that, really (:

Fan Demographics

One of the things I like about Facebook fan pages is that you have access to statistics and demographics, more so of the latter, and that’s actually quite interesting to look at. Right now Talk Chalk has 120 fans, and it’s just about 2 weeks since I started the fan page, and here’s what the growth has been like:

breaking it down to age:

and gender:

and even countries!

All pretty interesting, to me at least. I’m glad there aren’t any old women reading Talk Chalk, thought the 2% of 55+ males is sort of disturbing. Then again I can’t be picky about my fans, or can I? (plots strip insulting old men)

I wonder if Talk Chalk will reach 200 fans by the end of the year?
Watcha say? 😀

Redefining Chalk

Talk Chalk has been evolving since the first comic I drew, and it seems to have reached a stable stage at the moment, but I’m just wondering if it needs a change.

DeeCee told me about Artrage which let’s me draw the characters much easier, and more chalk-like, though I feel it may be too much detail. Also, the application doesn’t have it’s own text tools, so I have to switch back and forth between that and Paint.NET.

I’ve set up a poll for fans to let me know what Talk Chalk needs, so if you haven’t taken it already please do:

Oh and if you know of any programs I could use, do let me know (:

Climate Change & Color Pencils

If you’ve been following Talk Chalk you would’ve noticed the new series of “Interference” comics, each talking about a different environmental concern linked to climate change. What spurned this was when I received an email about some competition for funny cartoons that talk about climate change. I’m not exactly entering though, but at least it gave me something to work with!

I’ve never really been an “environmentalist” or a tree-hugger, I personally believe that nature cares as little about us as we do about nature. If anything, we’re not killing the Earth, the Earth is killing us. But that’s just what I feel. There are people who believe that the Earth’s climate is changing, that sea levels are rising, and that the world will end in 2012. They aren’t all the same people, though. But yeah, there are people 😛

The concerns raised are still important though, and I hope you guys did research on climate change and found ways to help, because… well… you should 😛 Each comic talks about a different issue, though the first and third paras are the same, the second is where the actual issue is addressed. So make sure you read em! (:

Talk Chalk gets 100 fans!

Yep, it’s true. As of yesterday Talk Chalk has 100 fans on Facebook.

Can I get a w00t w00t?


Useless 😛

Anyways, I’m getting back into the grind (the Talk Chalk grind), and you can expect more comics soon. I just finished drawing a whole bunch, and they should cover another week. It’s good to be back! Hope the chalk haven’t lost their touch (bad pun).


Talk Chalk on FB!

talkchalkFBbanner3I’ve always had a Talk Chalk album on my Facebook profile where I would upload all the strips, though not as frequently as the blog. But FB was giving me problems with the uploads so I thought of making a Fan Page for Talk Chalk instead. This way it wouldn’t be limited to just my FB Friends, so anyone could access it and check out the strips (not all, FB is still being a pain), AND it links to the blog (:

You can check it out here:

Become a fan already 😛